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Get a second opinion from a hearing healthcare professional

Hearing Aid Adviser Mobile App

Hearing Aid Adviser is a FREE service that lets you obtain a FREE second opinion
about your hearing needs based upon your latest hearing evaluation. You can
ask questions regarding the recommendations you received from your hearing
healthcare professional and you will get a professional, medically-sound
hearing health recommendation and second opinion detailing YOUR best
options for YOUR hearing health.

And since Hearing Aid Advisers does NOT sell anything, we are able to
provide an unbiased recommendation allowing YOU to confidently make a
decision regarding your hearing healthcare.

How It Works


1. Snap a picture of your hearing test results
2. Use the “pen” to remove your name and date of birth
3. Enter any questions you have regarding the test results
4. Enter recommendations made by your hearing healthcare professional
5. Ask any questions you may have about hearing healthcare or the
treatment recommendations
6. List any stigmas that you have concerns with (size, color,
noticeability, etc) or particular desires from the hearing aid (bluetooth
connectivity, etc)
7. Submit your inquiry

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