About Hearing Aid Adviser

What is Hearing Aid Adviser?

Hearing Advisor is a free Service that allows individuals with concerns regarding their hearing and / or understanding to obtain a second opinion and ask questions regarding recommendations made by their hearing healthcare professional. Since we do not sell anything we are able to provide an unbiased recommendation allowing you to confidently make a decision regarding your hearing healthcare.

One of our experienced, licensed hearing health care professionals will look over your test results and the recommendations made by your hearing healthcare professional within 24 hours. We will advise you on any additional items you may want to discuss with your hearing healthcare professional and other considerations you may want to take into account.

Our recommendations and advice is not intended to override those made by your hearing healthcare provider; we are a second set of eyes to help ensure that you get the best solutions available for your hearing healthcare needs.

Again, we do not sell anything; we provide a complimentary second look.